Fighting for Human Rights with a camera and a story.

UPDATE 10/14: Loubna was accepted at the International Center of Photography school in New York to study for a year. Learn more about Loubna’s story through this Guardian story.10672397_899109863451747_6482998032224847423_n

I found out the afternoon that one of my Syrian Photojournalist friends has been accepted into the 2014 Magnum Human Rights Fellowship.

Loubna-2Her name is Loubna Mrie, she is only 22 years old, and a freelancer for Reuters. She is one of many young photojournalists working in Syria, telling the stories, hoping for change. She will be in New York for 6 weeks, and “beyond the scholarships that MF provides and the coursework that is developed in collaboration with NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts, MF also continues to mentor and support these regional photographers when possible through editorial advice, introductions to photo editors, and in some cases, helping to facilitate independent freelance work with prominent, international media networks.” (from Magnum)

I’m excited to know that one of Syria’s rising new photojournalists are picking their ip cameras and will be able to learn and grow, and bring that knowledge back to hopefully a changed Syria and continue documenting what is taking place there.

The photos are a couple of Loubna’s photos.

REUTERS/Loubna Mrie

REUTERS/Loubna Mrie


REUTERS/Loubna Mrie

REUTERS/Loubna Mrie

Loubna calls her camera “her secret weapon” and uses it to reveal to the world what is happening in Syria.

Secret Weapons

REUTERS/Loubna Mrie

Loubna Mrie

Loubna Mrie working!


Loubna Mrie working in Aleppo

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